Do These 5 Things Before Selling Your House

The process of selling your home can be confusing, especially if you've never done it before. This article will go over 5 things you should do before selling your house to get prepped and ready for maximum payout!

Let's begin!


1. Remove all extra furniture

You want your home to look spacious and clean. Remove all extra furniture that serves no purpose. You can put it in storage or sell any unwanted items. This will make your home more appealing to potential buyers because it will seem like a bigger home.

2. Have your doors open

Open all doors of your interior before taking pictures and showing your home. This will show home buyers where the doors lead and can understand the layout of your home easier. During a showing, you want the doors open so people can walk through smoothly from one place to the next.

3. Deep clean your home

You want your home to be spotless! Clean all countertops and remove all extra stuff on top of the counters. The kitchen is one of the biggest focuses on a home so be sure to deep clean and have it looking brand new. You're also going to want to clean the windows inside and out. This will make more light come through which makes the entire home feel cleaner. You want your home to look as bright as possible so turn on all the lights. Lastly, have your home smelling clean. The smell of your home will be one of the very first things that potential homebuyers register in their brains when looking at your home. You can use a diffuser with essential oils or candles, just be sure to not make the home smell too strong!

4. Take great photos

Photos are the first impression. Chances are that potential buyers have already looked at your home via pictures so make sure they're great. You want to avoid odd angles that make the room look small. Photos go hand in hand with deep cleaning and removing furniture because pictures will show what your home truly looks like. Pay close attention to details when taking pictures of your home.

5. Fix up the curb appeal

This doesn't mean to completely change your front yard, but make sure it's fixed up and looks inviting. If the grass is due for mowing, take some time to clean it up. Fix up the fence, plant some flowers, little things make a big difference.

Now it's time to get your home sold! Looking for more home selling tips and can help sell your home faster? Reach out to us and I'll share all my selling tips and tricks!

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