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My Story


Leaders become great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others.” This is the way that I gracefully lead my team. Being raised by a strong, single mother in the tough streets of New York City, has allowed me to endure experiences that have molded me into a natural leader, allowing me to build my team up with me as I go.


This career has given me a purpose; to place families into a home, which is a gift that truly cannot be measured. I have been acknowledged and awarded for my hard work, strong ethics and my innate ability to structure loans that surpasses most originators in this field.


Yet, my biggest accomplishments, by far, have been raising my three beautiful children, marrying my best friend and building my career from the ground up. I had always dreamed of shaping a group of independent, capable women to change the face of the industry and that’s what I have created in my Mortgage Chicks. 

Meet The Team

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Rocio Portella


Danaize Sans


Cheryl Donenfeld


Jessica Avhad


Becky Smidley


Ashley Toledo

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Luzkarina Touma


Raquel Gutierrez

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